Getting 3 Stars on Candy Crush Saga’s Timed Levels

May 1, 2013 • Play

Lately I have been so much into this simple yet addicting game, Candy Crush Saga. Actually it’s just a kind of match 3 game, but with more features, levels and objectives. One interesting level that I want to post here is about ‘timed’ level. It is a level where the player is given limited time, eg. 60 seconds, to reach the targeted score.

This level is not for people with slow hand.

Every Candy Crush Saga player might have known it already, that in the ‘timed’ levels they must not think too much to blow the candies, instead just match three or more of the same color as fast as possible to achieve the targeted score. But how fast can you raise your score?

Know how you get your points.

Okay, there’s a trick to achieve the highest score within the short time. But before I tell you the trick, I think it’s good to know how many points you get for each move you do:

4 candies in a row gives you 120 points plus a striped candy.
  1. Pairing 3 candies gives you 60.
  2. Pairing 4 candies in a row gives you 120.
  3. Pairing 5 candies in gives you 200.
  4. Chaining combos multiples the score.
    When you first match 3 same-colored candies, you get 60.
    If you get a combo, the second matches will give you 2×60 = 120.
    If you by chance match 5 candies on the second combo, it will give you 2×200 = 400 pts.
    Then if you get additional combo, the third matches will give you 3×60 = 180, and so on.
  5. Crushing a candy with “+5” mark gives you additional 5 seconds.
  6. Crushing a special candy gives 60 pts for every candy crushed. Or in other words, the wrapped candy will crush a block of 3×3, so you get 9×60 = 540 pts.
  7. When the time is out, all special candies will crush by themselves. “+5” candies will also crush and behave like wrapped candy.

Here’s the trick.

From the above list it’s obvious that we can get higher score by doing chain combos. So here’s the trick. When you play a ‘timed’ level, you don’t have to think too much on how to make combos. Instead just focus on making pairs of 3 or more on the lowest 3 or 4 rows, unless there’s no more possible moves or you get some bombs on that level.

Focus your moves.

By crushing candies on the bottom, it will increase the likelihood of getting chained combos on the candies above. If there are many candies crushed in a single move, there would be chances to crush “+5” labeled candies as well. Therefore you get big points, and you get bonus time as well. Isn’t it good?

The above method is not definitive. Actually it is about luck since we don’t know which candies will comes next from above. Sometimes I get many candies in less color, sometimes I get many so many colors.

In my experience, from 60 seconds time limit provided on level 27, I could keep playing for 4 minutes and 37 seconds long using Android version, and once scored 392,120 points. You could have better results when you play this game on Android version which in my opinion is more responsive.

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  4. MichaelSn says:

    While colour bombs are key to getting the two and three star target scores quickly, other special candies are needed for even larger combinations. Aside from luck, making quick, accurate, and effective matches is the key for getting a high score.

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