Taman Kota Waduk Pluit

March 4, 2015 • Album, Travel

Whoever read Indonesian local newspaper during year 2012 must’ve known this place. Yup, Waduk Pluit city park is a famous park built during Jokowi’s first year as Jakarta governor. This park is located on the west side of Pluit reservoir, and extended along Ali Sadikin street to the south side of the reservoir.

When I visited the park at around 4pm, the weather is just nice. There you could see people doing group games, basketball, kite flying, jogging, cycling, family walks, hang outs, not to mention lots of couple dating.

A police office and police kiosks are located just nearby, making Waduk Pluit city park is a safe place for tourists. I find this place is good to sit back and relax, although most of the time sitting on the ground since benches are occupied most of the time.

If you are visiting the park with a car or bike, the park has a parking lot with plenty of slots. And if you want to use public transport, you could take Transjakarta Corridor #9 (take a single, non-articulated bus) or #12, and get off at the last stop, Pluit shelter. Then Waduk Pluit city park can be accessed from 5 minutes walk to the east.

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