Moving Out, Moving In

April 17, 2015 • Random

After a while with Blogspot, and after a while using self-hosted WordPress for my other blog Urban Oasis, it’s time to migrate my blog to WordPress again. This time, I’m not using, but installing a self-hosted WordPress instead.

The reason is not because I don’t like Blogspot, in fact, I quite liked it because it’s easy to use and setup a custom domain. Yet as times passes by I need something more customizable and I want to merge my main website at for better content management without having to dig around the source codes.

Meanwhile I am still thinking to replace the homepage with something fresh, and there is also an idea to reorganize and separate the sections between personal and professional contents. But since the idea is not yet chrystalized, for the time being I will just update the blog section and left the other sections as it is.

The domain name for this blog will return to so it’s still accessible.

See you again on my new blog!

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