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November 17, 2015 • Online

After a while, it feels like my blog has become cluttered. Just as cluttered as storing so many thoughts in the only one mind you own. Sometimes I couldn’t categorize what this blog is about. Is it about my personal life? Yep. Is it about my projects? Yep. About recent issues? Yep. About languages? Music? Games? Yep. Then what about the readers (i.e. you)? Who am I expecting to read this blog? What particular interests are they looking for? One post they might be reading about PHP tips, and the next post goes rants about traffic in Jakarta, then another post about cooking recipe.

Separating (online) work and personal life

Sometimes I envy guys from the other continents who have well balanced, separated work life and personal life. That’s not the case in our asian culture. Here work and personal lives know no border. Both are intertwingled. And look, my blog got caught in this situation too. In asian culture, balancing work and personal couldn’t be done simply by separating work time and personal time. Here people may call you and discussing work stuffs midnight. Furthermore I work a freelancer who am not bound within 9 to 5 office hours.

Reorganizing blog

Anyway, back to the topic. The merging of www.jar2.net and blog.raffer.one was one step to unclutter things and make it easier to manage. But then, it feels necessary to reorganize stuffs within the website, whether by splitting, recategorizing, or else, I don’t know yet which is better. Some other way I thought could be a better solution is limited by technical limitations. Still, many of those topics do not have enough posts to deserve a dedicated blog.

I guess I will just left it as it is now.

Update: Okay, now I have decided a formula to organize my blog posts. First, this blog will stay as a jar of minds. A container of rainbow cakes, err.. rainbow topics. Then when a particular topic has a few consistent posts, I would compile them into a series. Later, if there have been a significant amount of posts for a particular series, it would be time to create a dedicated blog for them.

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