It’s December 31st

December 31, 2015 • Random

It’s December 31st. The very last day like any other years, there are so many things going on through my mind. A roll of memories quickly rolling over the mind playing back past events I’ve been through. A list of achievements reached. A longer list of year-long goals yet to be met. A set of episodes embracing unexpected, unforgettable moments.

It’s December 31st. Isn’t it the day to stop for a moment to take a broader look at myself. Why am I who I am now? Am I happy with what I have become til this day? Does the stuffs I did adds values to my life?

It’s December 31st. It was not perfect. More goals might still be far far away despite a year-long marathon. But there’s no place for regret to slip in. It was an awesome year anyway. There were days of discovery. There were days of tiresome walks. There were days knowing that it’s worth all the efforts. Contentment is a perfect choice.

It’s December 31st. It’s time to prepare for great goodness to come.

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