Dear My Friends

June 12, 2016 • Random

Dear my friends,

Sometimes there are ups and downs in life. Sometime it’s so up high that I didn’t notice my surrounding. Sometime it’s so down that I wished I could have you on my side. Sometime I just missed you so much that I kept calling your names.

As time passed, we are all taking separate paths to fulfill our dreams. What a lonely journey it is! I wished you took the same path and walked together. But no, even when you told me that your destination might be the same as mine, but you were taking different route. And I knew that’s the best path for you, as much as the path I’m taking for me.

So I wonder if you ever feel the same as you go through the journey?

— 2014.02.18

This writing popped up when I was doing my “journal burning” ritual. While it was written 2 years ago it still rings true to me so I thought I wanted to share it on my blog. Hope you are all doing well!

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