Where to Find Print Shop in Kuala Lumpur

March 19, 2017 • Travel

When you are on a trip in Kuala Lumpur or you are a digital nomad like me (not really), sometimes you would need to print out some documents because you need to submit some documents, be it for visa or banking purpose or something else, and for some reasons they are not as technology advanced as you are.

While I am not exactly a full fledged digital nomad at the moment, I don’t have any plan on buying a printer (think minimalist! 😊). So occasionally I need to print some documents as well. With the diminishing demands of print shop and unfamiliarity with the area, it’s rather difficult to find one. While searching for one, to my surprise it wasn’t far from my place. Plus it is walkable distance from an LRT station.

Legasi Shah

Cost for printing is RM1 per page (black) or RM2 per page (color). The staffs speak English. They use a laser printer so your printed matter doesn’t smear and stay intact if you accidentally drop water or caught in rain.

To get here, take LRT Ampang/Sri Petaling line and get off at PWTC Station. Once you go out directly turn to the right and the shop would be on the right side about 50m from the station.


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