Velcro Strap – Better Alternative to Compression Bags

November 17, 2018 • Travel

With holiday season coming, it’s the best time to prepare for your next getaway. For me, it’s time to upgrade my backpack gears!

After using compression bags for more than one year in my backpacking journeys, I found a downside to it. Sure it compresses clothing and provide more space for more items. However, compressed clothing may get wrinkled when it is opened, and a lot of times the compressed bags are not evenly shaped which leaves extra spaces on the corners of the bag unless I could carefully organized them so smaller pieces could fit in between the spaces.

And recently, I just bought an alternative space saving item: Velcro One Wrap. I bought two rolls of it for around $ 12 each.

In the past, I have tried using a similar pre-cut straps to strap and compress my clothes. It worked quite well. However due to the pre-cut condition, sometimes the straps were not long enough to make a full round wrap from end to end.

With Velcro One Wrap, you got 3.6 meters long strap that you could cut it by yourself. I find the best cuts to be 50 cm and 30 cm. The longer ones for wrapping bigger and thicker clothes such as shirts and pants, while the shorter ones for wrapping underwear and socks.

When buying straps, the wider the strap the better. This is because you have wider surface to press which could avoid wrinkle in the strapped line.

The result is neat enough. I will post some pictures when I pack for my next trip soon!

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