The Game of Life

February 12, 2020 • Random

I have always been a gamer since my childhood. When I was in elementary, I liked playing with building blocks and animals. Sometimes I made up my own game to be played together with friends or solo.

Later on I took interest in computer and video games. My favorite genres were role playing and simulation.

One basic feature of a compelling game is a sense of progression, be it level difficulty, explorable world, character skills and so on. And as you gain mastery and a widened world, how you see and play the game changes.

But we don’t only gain mastery in playing games. As we grow up, we gain mastery in life skills. Our world widened. Fast forward a decade and a half, we are no longer compelled to play video games as we used to. Because we are now playing an even bigger game. It’s the game of life.

The game of life is a massively multiplayer RPG game where your character is bestowed one life. An interesting feature of this game, unlike any other games, is an unbalanced handicap system. Every player is given a different set of privileges, and different starting position. Your objective as a player is to discover your truth and make the most of your life.

Sounds vague? That’s because it is. It’s an open ended game, kind of Minecraft meets Ragnarok Online. It’s up to each player to determine what job class to be, and which quests to take.

Want to be a dragon slayer? Go for it. Become a tycoon? Why not. Manage a city? Fight evil deeds? Go for it. This is your game.

Welcome to the game of life.

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