How struggles in 20s and 30s differ

December 6, 2021 • Human

It was a common theme with me and my friends when you are getting out from university, that you seem lost not knowing your purpose. Having all your life with goals and path laid already, which basically is to study and graduate, while taking extra curricular and stuff. Then once you graduated nobody tells you […]

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Pandemic sucks, but 2020 may not be as wasteful as you think

October 23, 2020 • Human

When pandemic hit in early 2020, most countries began enforcing lockdown and movement restrictions. Office workers are also asked to work from home whenever possible. Nevertheless we mostly spent our entire year at home. As we didn’t go out much, we may feel not doing anything significant this year. And if you are someone who […]

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Negative Spirituality

January 26, 2020 • Human

Bali, an island infamously known as “Pulau Dewata” (The island of gods), is one of the region which the majority of its inhabitants are devoted Hindus. Growing up in the island of Java, with more influences from Abrahamic religions, it brings a fresh air to learn more about the diversity and spirituality. Yet as time […]

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A Drama is Best Had on a TV Show, not in Your Life

November 1, 2019 • Human

This blog post is gonna be a half rant. I’m not sure if it is as prevalent as it is in my country, but somehow many people thrive in drama. Perhaps their life is boring and needs something to spice it up to feel alive. Well there are many alternatives to spice things up without […]

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Ditching Social Media for Good

October 14, 2019 • Human

I remembered it was 12 years since I had my very first Friendster account. A Friendster (or MySpace) profile page was basically filled with a short bio and interests. It is akin to making an avatar, where you can get creative and write whatever on it. And by being social in a social media was […]

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Stuff is not important. People are. Fun is. Passion is.

February 21, 2016 • Human

When we were born, we didn’t bring anything to the world. And when we die, we wouldn’t bring anything from the world. Then why would we live our lives accumulating stuffs and being attached with them which only lose all their meaning once we leave this world? It is very common for people to acquire […]

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My Life in a Diagram

January 16, 2016 • Human

Today is the middle of January. All the hype and euforia of new year celebration has gone by now. Television and social media are no longer filled with “new year resolution” broadcasts. But you know that there is something more matter. Have you written down your own new year resolution? Years after years it’s always […]

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Hidup Sosial Tanpa Media Sosial: Bulan #2

January 14, 2016 • Human

Oke, ini merupakan postingan penutup dalam seri Hidup Sosial Tanpa Media Sosial. Sebuah tulisan refleksi sebagai kesimpulan setelah dua bulan menutup diri dari media sosial dan membuka diri untuk sosialisasi di dunia nyata. Media sosial: antara butuh dan tidak butuh Dua bulan ini membuat aku bisa memisahkan dua hal penting dari penggunaan media sosial: untuk […]

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Jangan Beritahu Bagaimana Caranya. Rahasia!

January 9, 2016 • Human

Pernah ada celotehan ketika mengobrol santai soal pekerjaan dan profesi. Seseorang dibayar mahal karena memiliki kemampuan yang tidak dimiliki oleh orang lain. Misalnya kemampuan mendesain yang eye-catchy atau membuat UI yang sedap dipandang dan digunakan. Kalau ada yang bertanya, “Bagaimana sih buatnya?” jawab saja, “Sini mari aku buatkan.” Kalau kita jelaskan bagaimana cara membuatnya, nanti […]

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Hidup Sosial Tanpa Media Sosial: Bulan #1

December 14, 2015 • Human

Akhirnya seri hidup sosial tanpa media sosial ini hampir melewati masa satu bulan. Dari selama ini ada beberapa hal yang bisa aku simpulkan sejauh ini. Hidup tanpa media sosial tidaklah mustahil. Nyatanya, aku tidak kehilangan apapun oleh karena aku tidak buka Facebook atau Twitter. Malah aku merasa ketinggalan informasi terbaru tentang orang lain adalah hal […]

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