PhotoJar Express

PhotoJar ExpressThe express photo book generator “Photo Jar Express” is a desktop application for creating photo album automatically just by a few clicks, mainly targetted for newbies and inexperienced computer users. Within this application, users are able to choose their photos to be printed, selecting a particular paper size and template, then the program will generate the album automatically into XML-formatted document with “.pjb” file extension. The album can be exported into Portable Document Format (PDF) file which is portable and easy to be printed anywhere.

This application was originally made as a personal/school project for Human-computer Interaction class.

Photo Jar Express is developed using wxWidgets library/framework with C++ programming language.

Copyright © 2010 Fajar Yoseph Chandra. All rights reserved.


Here you can download the latest version of Photo Jar Express for free.

Note: I haven’t got time to compile the latest version on 32-bit Linux box. If you want version 0.3.8, you might want to compile it by yourself.