Coding Works

Showcase of my hand-crafted codes

In this page you could browse some of works I have done. Many of these are open source, so feel free to try them out or use on your projects if you find them useful.


Aromanize JS

2017 • JavaScript Library / Node.js Module • Visit project siteTry online

Korean transliteration utility for JavaScript. Aromanize extends the functionality of JavaScript’s String class for romanizing Hangul (한글) to Latin (로마자/Romaja) script.

Wheel Color Picker for jQuery

2011 – 2017 • jQuery Plugin • Visit project site

The Wheel Color Picker plugin adds color picker functionality to HTML element in round color wheel style. The Wheel Color Picker can be displayed as a popup dialog as users focus the input, or embedded inline.

PopMenu context menu plugin for jQuery

2014 • jQuery Plugin • Visit project site

PopMenu is a jQuery plugin that lets you add right-click context menu (popup menu) to any HTML element on your web page!

Light Select plugin for jQuery

2012 • jQuery Plugin • Visit project site

jQuery Light Select plugin provides lightweight enhancement to select (dropdown) elements that lets you customize its CSS more freely, including the arrow button.


Reclamo: LED Display & Scrolling Text

2018 • Android App • Visit store

Turn your device into an attractive LED display board! Use this handheld display board to give sign or cheer people at concerts, matches, etc. The display board is available in many styles and effects, which is further customizable. It allows you to create and save multiple display boards beforehand and quickly run one in a single tap.

Waro: Answer Cards

2017 • Android App • Visit store

Waro Answer Cards is a card deck which has answers for your wondering minds. Simply ask your question, shuffle the cards and pick one among 100+ answer cards. And be amazed with the answer it gives that you are looking for.