Tooth Surgery (Part 2)

October 27, 2016 • Random

This is the second time I was going for a tooth extraction surgery. After the right side of my mouth recovered I am ready for another surgery. It’s not really fully healed as it will take about 4 to 6 months, but at least now I can eat and chew fried chicken happily with my right side of teeth. My appointment was now set in the morning.

“I want you to be fresh when we do surgery this time.” said the dentist last time.


“Because, you know, in the afternoon after you do a lot of activities your body temperature increases. And it will cause you to lose blood more when under surgery.” she added.

I see. I agreed with her and here I were at the dentist in the morning. I have had a big breakfast, just as suggested by the pretty lady at the reception desk when I was about to leave the dental center last time, followed by her “Thank you, bye!”

Let’s do it!

This time I feel like an experienced patient after having my first wisdom tooth extraction surgery that time. I had to extract all my four wisdom teeth, with two of them on the bottom requiring surgery. The right bottom and top are gone already. It’s now for my bottom left wisdom tooth. The procedure would be the same as before, right?

Before we began, my dentist asked me whether I want to check out the X-ray scan again. “Okay, jom!” We went to the X-ray room to check the scan that I had a few weeks ago.

We saw my tooth was bent to the side instead of growing straight up. “Wisdom tooth comes in very different shapes, and it pushes the other teeth because there is not enough room. That’s why we want to take out that naughty tooth.” she explained. In my case the root was curvy and it touched my jaw bone. She mentioned that in order to take it out, she would have to drill my bone. Ouch!

Still, based on the scan we are both pretty confident that the bottom left wisdom teeth surgery would be more straightforward than last time. The bottom right wisdom tooth was pushing down my nerve system so it imposed more risk when doing the surgery. Previously, it took us about one hour to finish the surgery. How about now?

My longest record for keeping my mouth open

“First, she will give me anesthetics.” I said in my head recalling the procedure, “Then she will let me rest for a while until I feel numbness on my lips.”

She would always told me beforehand what she’s going to do, so I have a clear idea of what was going on. Once in a while she will check how far the anesthetics had affected.

“It has reached here now.” I told her while touching my lip.

“Okay good. Do you bring your headphone?” she asked.

Ah right! Just like last time, she let me listen to my favorite music while she performed the surgery.

Minute by minute passed…

While laying on the bed, I could see the clock hanging on the wall behind the dentist. Half an hour has passed already. I could feel the struggle to take out my tooth. It didn’t want to leave my mouth. My mouth was its only home. I know. But it must leave for good. She decided to take a break and extract my upper tooth first.

After the upper tooth came out, she continued working on my lower tooth.

I saw the minute hand of the clock has pointed to number twelve. One hour has passed already. The dentist looked tired, I was tired, the assistant was also looked tired. We were all tired. They were wearing surgical mask, so all I could see was their eyes and the reflections were not that bright. So we took a break again.

After a good break I felt the mood had lighten up. We continued the surgery. There were drilling to the bone and pulling, another drilling and pulling, until finally it popped out. It took another one hour to finish.

So that’s my two hours of keeping my mouth open! Still, I’m thankful it all went well.

On the scan I could only see two roots, but when she showed me the tooth, there were one, two, three, four roots! Surely it was a naughty tooth. A very naughty one.

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