Coding Works

Showcase of my hand-crafted codes

In this page you could browse some of works I have done. Many of these are open source, so feel free to try them out or use on your projects if you find them useful.



2017 • JavaScript Library / Node.js Module • Visit project siteTry online

Korean transliteration utility for JavaScript. Aromanize extends the functionality of JavaScript's String class for romanizing Hangul (한글) to Latin (로마자/Romaja) script.

Wheel Color Picker plugin for jQuery

2011 - 2017 • jQuery Plugin • Visit project site

The Wheel Color Picker plugin adds color picker functionality to HTML <input> element in round color wheel style. The Wheel Color Picker can be displayed as a popup dialog as users focus the input, or embedded inline.

PopMenu context menu plugin for jQuery

2014 • jQuery Plugin • Visit project site

PopMenu is a jQuery plugin that lets you add right-click context menu (popup menu) to any HTML element on your web page!

Light Select plugin for jQuery

2012 • jQuery Plugin • Visit project site

jQuery Light Select plugin provides lightweight enhancement to select (dropdown) elements that lets you customize its CSS more freely, including the arrow button.


Waro: Answer Cards

2017 • Android App • Visit store

Waro Answer Cards is a card deck which has answers for your wondering minds. Simply ask your question, shuffle the cards and pick one among 100+ answer cards. And be amazed with the answer it gives that you are looking for.