Ingredients for a Happy Life

September 28, 2020 • Random

Going through the pandemic for almost a year surely is rough for everybody. But it isn’t all gloom and doom as much as reported by news outlets.

Somehow this journey when I experienced many highs and lows has brought me to pinpoint some important ingredients that makes a high level of subjective wellbeing.

Feeling productive

When you have too many things going on all at once, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Conversely, when there are too little you get bored. And the funny thing is, the less things you do, the less energy you seem to have. Some days I wondered why I could only do so little and felt tired already.

A balanced activities when you are productive but not stressed out energize you to keep moving. And apparently our body is built to move. The more you move, the bigger your energy capacity become.

Feeling capable

As important as being productive, you also need to feel capable in doing what you do. It is more about confidence that you could get through the challenges rather than actual skills.

This is why when you are starting out new endeavor, it is important to start small and gradually increase the level rather than starting big.

Having a fit body shape is one of this year’s goals. Should I go for six pack abs rightaway, I would get discouraged. Instead, I focus on incremental goals. Making myself exercise everyday for whatever length feels rewarding.

When it comes to subconscious motivation, our body and brain simply discern thing by whether it feels good or not. When the goal is simply exercise, I feel capable of doing it and each accomplishments make the body remembers it as something that makes me feel good, and thus it is a good thing to do. That makes it easier to do again next time.

Feeling secure

There are many aspects of security. Living in a safe environment is one. Having financial security is another aspect of security. The point is, the more secure you are, the less things you worry about. And the less you worry, the freeer your brain to think about opportunities and things that you want to pursue.

Simply said, people usually operate in two modes: preventing bad things to happen, or promoting good things to happen. When we operate more in the latter, we are happier.

Feeling connected

When you are disconnected with people, it affects how you see others and subsequently affects your quality of life.

When I got disconnected for extended time from friends as I travel and having troubles finding people with matching personalities and values in my current environment, I became easily irritated by people and at my worst days I felt antagonistic.

On the other hand, during the days when I went out with friends and lovers, it makes me feel that I belong. This fuels my emotional tank. As I feel loved and connected, it is much easier to love and care for others as well, be they close ones or fellow human beings in general.

Feeling appreciated

Related to the above, feeling appreciated makes us remember that our life matters in this world. It drives us to do more good and strive to live our best life.

All the above ingredients are subjective. Which means only you can determine how true it is for you. May all that live be happy.

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