Exploring secrets of life: my new blog

December 13, 2020 • Random

There is one domain I have, doublejar.com, which has lingered for quite a long time untouched. I was not sure what website to make out of it. It has reincarnated a few times yet I was not satisfied with what it became.

I have a few blogs that I maintain, each with a specific niche, from Korean pop culture to programming tutorials. These blogs are branched out from my personal blog. So taking the same route, I began browsing through my old posts to find if there is any specific interest of mine worth making a dedicated blog for.

And there is! One of the subjects I always am interested in is about discovering the secrets of life. Some came in the form of life hacks, while others could be more abstract. Anyways, this is how doublejar.com was finally (re)born.

In doublejar.com, you could find some biscuits of life which you could apply to daily life. For starters, I have reblogged a few posts from this website such as tips on locating free charging stations in Jakarta, and how to straighten clothing without iron. But that’s not all, you could also find some tips on navigating social encounters, as well as exploring the depth of your inner self and taking care of it.

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