A Drama is Best Had on a TV Show, not in Your Life

November 1, 2019 • Human

This blog post is gonna be a half rant.

I’m not sure if it is as prevalent as it is in my country, but somehow many people thrive in drama.

Perhaps their life is boring and needs something to spice it up to feel alive. Well there are many alternatives to spice things up without drama.

Look, I have been in their shoes before and yes it was so easy to think that it was a natural way of life when you grew up in a country with so many dramas in day to day life.

Yet as I grow up and learn the adverse effects of real life drama in relationship and well being, I am getting more sensitized and repulsed by public display of drama. I’d rather go watch or indulge in public display of affection any time than a drama (which PDAs, on the other hand, are frowned upon in this society, but that’s for another discussion).

In a TV show, a drama is scripted and all the people involved are acting based on this script. That’s why it is compelling and interesting to watch. It’s also why we could see the drama unrolls to a happy ending.

Try to replicate that in a real life and things gonna get messy. First, you may have a script in your mind on how things are going to be. But everyone else also have their own script and act upon it. Secondly, not everyone is a good scriptwriter of their own life, lest of others. Even I myself sometimes just react to the environment unscripted. It doesn’t sound like a good recipe, eh?

With those two factors, how would you plot your happy ending? Heck, even your version of a happy ending may be totally different than mine.

That’s why a drama is way better on a TV and not in the real life.

Actually, is it possible to actually thrive in a drama yet still have it unrolls to a happy ending like a professionally written TV drama?

Yes with a good communication and understanding. Maybe you could even compare each other’s script and plotline so the story can be aligned together when you play it. But by that time it is no longer called a drama, it’s a collaboration.

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